The Mini and Nano Engineering diary publishes basic research articles or blog posts, review articles, and a variety of extra materials devoted to the study of the design, development and application of resources at the nanoscale. This scope of research encompasses a wide range of subject areas such as self-cleaning paint, airbag sensors, throw-away medical equipment, nano-scale programs, DNA origami and more.

The field of Nanotechnology is a practice of using scientific disciplines, mathematical methods and empirical evidence to know materials at the atomic, molecular, and supramolecular levels and to solve actual issues that gain the greater great. It is a quickly developing, highly technical discipline that covers the School discovery topics of Health and Wellness; Food Production and Defense; and Strength and Environment.

Graduate Inlayed Certificate in MEMS

The MEMS discipline is a pluridisciplinary self-discipline that utilizes technologies to fabricate nano to microscale gadgets and devices. They and systems embed electrical power, mechanical, substance and hybrid mechanisms to comprehend sensing, handling or actuating functions.

MEMS devices are found in everything from electronic snacks and circuit boards to medical equipment and even a brain-computer user interface product. They incorporate expertise by several exercises including, but is not limited to, electrical, biomedical and computer engineering, informatics, chemistry, biology and physics.

Advanced Microscopy Equipment

Apply advanced microscopy equipment to control nanoscale items and to monitor processes. Normal tools and techniques include atomic force microscopy, scanning electron microscopy, optical microscopy, particle size analysis, and zeta potential analysis.

Nanotechnology Engineers

Being a nanotechnology industrial engineer, you are responsible for creating new elements and devices that are as well small to be observed with the naked eye. These kinds of new elements and equipment could be the key to solving conditions that impact our overall health, energy and the environment.