Presentación Oficial del XV Festival de Órgano de Toledo 2018 en Santo Tomé

El Festival de Órgano de Toledo, organizado en la iglesia de Santo Tomé por Fundación Pedalier, celebrará este año sus décimo quinta edición con un programa de conciertos y eventos musicales únicos. D. Gerardo Ortega, párroco de Santo Tomé y presidente de la Fundación...

El Festival de Órgano de Toledo premiado por la Cadena Cope

El próximo 7 de noviembre. el auditorio del Museo del Ejército de Toledo acogerá la VIII edición de los Premios COPE Castilla-La Mancha que, un año más, reconocen la labor de personas, instituciones y asociaciones que trabajan en beneficio de Castilla-La Mancha. En...

Ya disponible toda la información del Festival de Órgano 2018

En la página del Festival 2018 ya puedes encontrar toda la información referente a los conciertos programados y sus respectivos horarios. A medida que se vayan acercando cada una de las citas, se irá ampliando la información sobre todos los artistas, se habilitará el...

Welcome to our new website

Pedalier Foundation presents the new website dedicated entirely to the International Organ Festival of Toledo. A new website in which an extensive review of the long history of this Festival, a must in the international music scene. The...



Pedalier Foundation was born in Toledo with the aim of reaching the human spirit through music and other cultural activities. It is a non-profit organization that wants to contribute from the identity that its statutes mark to create and spread culture, which elevates and dignifies man. Account, for it, with different resources, particularly with a new organ of high quality, installed in the Church of Santo Tomé, at the service of its founding purposes.

The richness of the mystery of Christ - his birth in the flesh, his redeeming death and his glorious resurrection - that have become a culture throughout the centuries, has been reflected in different artistic expressions in which, along the path of Beauty, man is led to the truth and to the deepest goodness of himself.

And he is led to enter into a deep communion with the unitary God, revealed by Jesus Christ when the fullness of time comes.

The Pedalier Foundation wants to make this service to the man of our days, putting him in touch with the beauty that is Christ, the only savior of all men. In this way, music in general and religious music in particular are put at the service of evangelization, that is, to show all men, believers and non-believers, the friendly and fascinating face of a God who is committed to the man to the end, who shares the suffering and death of man, to lead him to his full transfiguration, to his divinization.




Many of the best organists in the world have gone through the Toledo International Organ Festival since 2004

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